Wednesday, June 08, 2016

In Today’s Episode of … The Edge … of Trump

By GR Anonymous

Today in the continuing soap opera, The Edge of Trump, we find our protagonist fighting off a man named Kirk, who reversed his endorsement and called Trump “racist and bigoted.” He's also in a tough re-election campaign, so his chicken feathers grew quickly. As Mr. Spock would tell Kirk, it’s “not very logical to panic in the situation you are in.”

We then move to Paul Ryan separating himself (unsuccessfully) from Trump by saying, “I agree with Trump's policies, just not what he says.”

So, have the politicians panicked again? Do regular folks care about this swirl that Lester Holt couldn't wait to report? Speaking of Holt, he's been reporting on a case involving a sexual assault case by an Ivy League student. The man is white, and Holt is leading a two-day crusade against this guy, proclaiming, “His six-month sentence is drawing a huge outcry, because of its leniency.”

Whether the guy deserves six months or ten years doesn't concern me as much as the topics that seem to draw Holt like flies to sh*t... namely, white people who, in his opinion, get a break in cases he obviously disagrees with. No mention, though, of Obama giving blacks with career crime sheets a break on their sentences this year.

He's going where news anchors shouldn't go... he's in fact, doing the same thing he accuses Trump of—racism.

Speaking of Lester and his forbears, on a network called Antenna TV, every night at 11 p.m., the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson is broadcast in its entirety. I can't get enough of it.

This evening’s show had Walter Cronkite on for about 20 minutes. A great question Carson asked was, “How do you stay objective in reporting the news-considering you have your own viewpoint of events and life?” Cronkite said it in one sentence: “It's called being professional.”

Now, obviously a national network newscast SHOULD be objective. I wondered what Uncle Walter would tell Lester Holt, after viewing a week of Holt’s newscasts. Probably—“You ought to be ashamed of yourself. Now do it the right way.”

I don't think he's capable.


Anonymous said...

I usually vote for Republicans because they at least emit alleged "pro-gun" statements. I didn't vote for Kirk last time. Why should I? He is EXACTLY the same as IL Dems on guns. Let the Democrat win; as Hillary states: "What difference does it make?"

Anonymous said...

"Crooked"Hillary vs "Racist" Trump
That's what this election is being boiled down to.Not much else to add at this point.
--GR Anonymous