Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Trump Guy, Andy Dean: Trump is Getting More Votes in a Four-Man Race than Hillary is Getting in a Two-Man Race

By Nicholas Stix

I’ve been seeing all these fake polls saying that Trump has no chance at beating any Democratic candidate in November.

Last week (Thursday, I believe), John King at CNN pointed out that among Democrat voters, only 19% were enthusiastic. Meanwhile, among GOP voters, the enthusiasm quotient was 38%. And for context, King reported that in the same primaries and caucuses, only 2.65 million people had voted for Democrats, while 5.04 million people had voted for Republicans.

The difference is Trump. Those numbers, what I have seen at those huge Trump rallies, my B.S. detector and my gut, are why I don’t believe the polls asserting that Trump can’t win in November.

I have seen my share of pollaganda over the years, but I have never seen such a high proportion of polls during a primary season which were plainly fraudulent, and just regarding GOP candidates.

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