Tuesday, March 08, 2016

See the Ingenious Saturday Night Live Skit that Will Turn the Republican Race Upside Down! (Video)

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

A couple of hours ago, Don Lemon showed this video on his CNN show, and he and his randomly-picked panel of Trump-haters (Bob Cusack, Hilary Rosen, and Matt Walsh) clearly thought it was the cat’s pajamas.


Voters for Trump Ad

Published on Mar 6, 2016

Americans (Taran Killam, Vanessa Bayer, Bobby Moynihan, Aidy Bryant, Beck Bennett, Kyle Mooney) offer insight into why they'll be voting for Donald Trump.

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Anonymous said...

Isn t it slanderous to insinuate someone is in the KKK?I get it s an easy joke to broadbrush someone as racist,but doesn t there have to be some truth to it?I ve seen all the interviews (and I wish Trump was REMOTELY close to what he s being labeled as).America would be better off with a president that would look after whites for a change.The blacks and Mexicans are self-perpetuating their own lifestyle (see the "Year in High School Hell" article)with drug dealing,no morals,gang activity--all exacerbated by horrible parents or relatives who recycle their own criminality and pass it to the next generation.The influence of the minority parent is all negative.Crime is winked at,respect and hard work are put down as a white thing.
So you can write off most of the ghetto minority groups.What white people need is a president that would crack down on the criminal element of minorities.More prisons and less tolerance for laziness and welfare.I hope Trump is the one to do those things.

Anonymous said...

In Ebonics racist translates to any white person.

so White Power is bad but not Black Power?

when you talk about less welfare for blacks and illegal immigrants be sure to include eliminating those Affirmative Action black hires who are employed by the welfare agencies. Have true diversity not just blacks and illegal immigrants.

The blacks are saying that Trump will make them slaves. Don't know how he can do that since they are slaves to their bs already.

Anonymous said...

At Secretive Meeting, Tech CEOs And Top Republicans Commiserate, Plot To Stop Trump