Friday, March 11, 2016

Did Bernie Sanders Supporters Plan on Assassinating Donald Trump in Chicago Tonight? Their Own Propagandist Says as Much Fascist Blog, The Daily Beast, Celebrates Racist Black and Hispanic Bernie Sanders Rioters’ Success at Shutting Down Trump Rally in Chicago; Asserts Trump was “Scared” of “Protesters”



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03.11.16 9:32 PM ET
Protesters Scare Trump Out of Chicago
By Gideon Resnick
The Daily Beast
[The Daily Beast does not permit any reader comments, ever!]

Trump’s plans to rally Chicago on Friday night were dashed when the event was taken over by protests before he even entered the building.
CHICAGO — It was over before it really began.

The crowd was electric inside UIC Pavilion in Chicago awaiting the arrival of Donald Trump, who has been dogged this week by questions about the increasing violence at his rallies.

An hour before the event even started protesters were getting kicked out, led from the building by half a dozen police officers. [Resnick can’t keep his lies straight. He suggests that there were hundreds or thousands of racist rioters in the auditorium, whom he euphemistically refers to as “protesters.” But he only cites “half a dozen police officers.” The cops were completely outnumbered.]

In the back of the slowly filling auditorium, a chant began in the crowd: “16 shots,” referencing the number of times LaQuan McDonald was infamously shot and killed by a Chicago police officer.

As they chanted another group wearing white t-shirts with the words “Muslims United Against Trump.” were escorted from the arena.

A young UIC student filming the scene in the crowd told The Daily Beast that there was a plan to leap the barrier in the back and rush the stage as soon as Trump got there. [In other words, they had planned an assassination attempt, and the UIC “student” was a co-conspirator.] “Fuck CPD,” the crowd chanted with the abbreviation for the Chicago Police Department.

A voice over the loudspeaker warned, “please don’t harm the protesters.”

[Deliberately misleading: By saying “the loudspeaker” at a Trump rally, Resnick insinuates that this was a Trump employee saying this. No, it would have been one of the riot organizers seeking to intimidate the police, who were probably already sufficiently chastened, out of doing their job.]

One middle-aged black man in a hoodie in the audience held up a torn Trump sign, yelling to anyone who would hear “Fuck Trump.”

“It’s a Friday, go do something,” a Trump supporter, wearing an “All Lives Matter” shirt shot back.

“You’re a cocksucker for a fascist,” a young man in a hoodie, who identified himself as Mexican, said.

Just as the crowd stirred into a frenzy [in other words, just as the riot was to begin], there was an announcement that Trump had cancelled the event due to security concerns. It was not immediately clear why he did so or who made the final call. The Chicago Police Department later said it never told Trump to cancel based on potential security risks, which was something he claimed after the event. CPD spokesman Anthony Guglielmi told the AP that their agency had enough hands on deck to handle the event and that Trump made the decision "independently."

[Anthony Guglielmi is a liar. There was clearly going to be a riot.]

“Fuck that racist motherfucker,” a protester screamed as the announcement rang out. The crowd leapt into the air, seemingly at once chanting the lyrics of Kendrick Lamar’s “Alright,” as they celebrated.

“We stopped Trump,” they screamed.

When it became clear the mogul of their discontent had cancelled, the crowd that had remained to protest began to leave, pushed by the police and urged to disperse, stepping over torn “Make America Great Again” signs strewn across the floor.

One portly white man, a Trump supporter, who chose not to be named, took the day off work to see him and called the cancellation “disgusting.”

“I was very excited; I took the day off work and everything,” he said, repeating that the people who shut the rally down were disgusting.

Towards the front of the emptying arena, a boy in a fedora holding an enormous American flag across his chest refused to leave. A woman stood next to him clutching a copy of Trump’s book “Crippled America.”

“This was shocking. This is a travesty. I’m very disappointed that Donald Trump cancelled on us. I hope this will not damage him in the polls. This is an embarrassment to the United States,” Cruz Marquis, the boy with the flag, forlornly told The Daily Beast.

Tom Rice, another Trump fan, was similarly disappointed but suggested that Trump didn’t need to cancel because there was plenty of security.

“I’m extremely disappointed that whatever happens outside this building affects what’s inside,” Rice said alluding to the gathering protesters who walked around the pavilion prior to the start of the event. “There’s no reason why he couldn’t have gotten up there and given the speech like he was supposed to,” Rice who served for seven years in the military said. “I’ve been in much worse conditions than what was outside this building.”

As one lone youngster in a white button stared at the empty stage where Trump was supposed to speak, popcorn crushed among the torn signs at his feet, the protesters celebrated and took their fight outside.

“I think it has revealed that Donald Trump is a coward,” Rob Conrad, a Bernie Sanders supporter in the crowd told The Daily Beast. “Donald Trump to me is a small man focused on small things. This colosseum full of Chicagoans tonight have shown him that there is a huge chunk of American that doesn’t like his game.”

“He didn’t show up. So I mean to use his word, who’s the pussy now?”

Yeah, not showing up when thousands of people are planning on rioting at your rally, and assassinating you, is the sure mark of a “pussy.”]


David In TN said...

And that's how a good part of the MSM is going to spin it. "The coward Trump was forced out of Chicago by heroic progressives."

They're going to keep on doing and/or attempting the same thing.

Anonymous said...

The question for me is:Will we see anything about this being a possible assassination attempt on the regular news broadcasts?Chris Matthews accused Trump of cancelling the rally "for no reason".I watched him interview Trump and accuse him of causing this because of his tacit approval of racist beliefs via immigration reform and not refuting KKK talk.Then Matthews said,"police told Trump 'not to cancel...everything was under control' ".
Trump talked about safety for the crowds.But if there was any confirmation of an assassination attempt being planned or a rush by demonstators to attack Trump while he spoke (on a greater scale than when Bernie Sanders mike was hijacked by Blacklivesmatter),the public has a right to know.Trump must give all information out regarding this.The Secret Service and Chicago Police must do the same.Facts can change the publics viewpoint on groups like and other liberal groups.They ve been given a free pass,but an outrage of harming a presidential candidate must be clarified.
--GR anonymous