Friday, February 05, 2016

Keep Hoax Alive! Today was Racist, Gay-Hating, Failed Black Murderer Trayvon Martin’s 21st Birthday: Black Supremacists Celebrate with Their Usual Hate, Death Threats Against Whites Who Told the Truth

Martin’s racist, biological mother, Sybrina Fulton, had virtually nothing to do with raising Martin, yet she has made millions off exploiting his crimes.

For more, see VDARE.

Also, from and about yours truly (I posted hundreds of blogs and articles on the hoax):

“Whatever the Jury Decides, George Zimmerman Needs a New Country. So Do We.”

“A New York State Lawyer Praises Nicholas Stix for Exposing the Trayvon Martin Race Hoax.”.

“Barack Obama, Trayvon Martin and the Four Dirty Little Secrets of Black America”;

“Defense Attorney Mark O’Mara Condemns Media and Prosecutors for Persecuting George Zimmerman.”

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