Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Breaking News: Iran Just Kidnapped 10 American Sailors!

By Nicholas Stix

This was all Iranian Dictator Ali Khamenei’s way of expressing his gratitude to the John Doe calling himself “Barack Obama,” and congratulating Obama on the State of the Union address he is to give tonight.

‘Thank you, President Obama, for giving the Islamic Republic of Iran nuclear weapons, with no independent verification, in a “treaty” which gave us everything and gave you nothing, and which we never even signed! And with you seeking to celebrate tonight by giving a State of the Union address, three days before the “treaty” is to go into effect, we will humiliate you before your own kaffir people, by detaining your seamen!

‘And what will you, as a Muslim, do? Will you show your loyalty to the kaffir… or to Islam?!’

P.S. Glen Little's response:


Anonymous said...

I know Iran is saying they will release the crew by morning but the similarities to 1979 when Carter was in office are astonishing.Could they hem and haw and not actually hand them over?Wouldn t that be something to see this happen again 37 years later and if it did,as Reagan was seen as tough on Iran--so too would Trump waltz in for president on the same principle.They were taken by the Revolutionary guard so Negro Nightly News reporter Mrs Greenspan predicting a quick resolution may be premature.This will be interesting if an immediate conclusion does not happen.

Nicholas said...

"This will be interesting if an immediate conclusion does not happen."

That ship has already sailed.

Anonymous said...

So to speak.