Friday, August 15, 2014

New York Magazine’s Ferguson Photo Hoax: “The Most Important Photo from Ferguson” was Cropped; Look at What was Cut!


The version that New York Magazine published

The Real McCoy!

[A colleague was kind enough to send me the uncropped photograph above, and the following note.]

Here is an even more important photograph of Ronald Johnson:

A state police captain walking in public with masked Blood gang members, no surprise he is black.

He is flanked by three identified Blood gang members. The Conservative Tree House and others have ID'ed Michael Brown as a Blood member through photos of him giving Blood gang signs.

"Trayvon 2.0 Redux – Comparing Mike Brown and Trayvon Martin Similarities…"

Also, he was wearing a red Cardinals hat when he was shot. The red Cardinals hat is a Blood affectation in that area.


Anonymous said...

That cop is not arresting those wearing the masks? In most locales wearing of a mask is illegal unless part of a gala event.

OH, I suddenly realized it when typing this comment.


Anonymous said...

lets start a fund for this cop and his family.

he is now clearly telling the truthful account of what happened, and for the past week he has wrongly been put through hell by the rotten and corrupt race baiters and MSM, MSNBC and CNN in particular have gone out of the way to not accurately report this matter and to villify this man before any investigation.

I will donate, but I do not know how to set up a fund. The man deserves our support. He did his job and faced down a violent gang robber and has now been publicly villified for doing his job.

These people are pure evil and the black population in this town appear to have known all along exactly WHY the cop really shot 'blunt bandit brown' and why brown was attacking cops, given that they targeted and burned down the store that had reported Browns robbery to the cops.

Anonymous said...

Any time I see a black male of female in a law enforcement uniform I am always reminded that Whites are indeed doomed.

Anonymous said...

That sign is a hand symbol for KAPPA ALPHA PSI fraternity. I know I'm a member. It is one of 9 historically black sororities and fraternities.

Google kappa alpha psi or NUPES and you will see a bunch of African American college men throwing what we call the Yo!

Incorporated in 1911 at Indiana University.

So don't jump to conclusions brother and remember that captain is doing his job as ordered by his boss. He is the mouth piece and front man but has a long good relationship with the local police.