Friday, April 04, 2014

Milwaukee’s “Trayvon Martin” Case: Wounded, White Hate Crime Victim Jeremy Rossetto Can’t Go Home, Because Racist Blacks Keep Threatening to Murder Him, Because He Refused to Let His Racist Black Attackers Murder Him


Failed, racist, aspiring murderers James Bell and Anmarie Miller

[Previously, at WEJB/NSU, on this case:

“Milwaukee: Prosecutors Decline to Charge White Janitor Who Shot to Death Two Trayvons Who were Attempting to Murder Him.”]

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Thanks to reader-researcher Jerry for this news video. He wrote,
Here is a follow-up to the Jeremy Rossetto story. He has been receiving death threats for defending himself. We know the message here. If a white man successfully defends himself against their racist violence, they will escalate and get revenge. The white man is required to lie down and allow blacks to do whatever they please. I suspect there will be civil litigation in the future; when blacks lose their children due to their own thuggish behavior, they'll want some financial remuneration.

The failed, aspiring killers’ families have refused to speak to the media about the death threats… because they support them, just as they supported the original murder attempt!

Meanwhile, Milwaukee Police chief Ed Flynn continues to aid and abet the murderously racist blacks, first by jailing the victim for two days, and then by refusing to return his weapon and cell phone to this day.

And Jeremy Rossetto still has a concussion. And now, like George Zimmerman, he'll need a new face, identity, and home, since the media and other bottom-feeders of all races will now seek to get him killed, as well.

In “Obama’s” America, all blacks have a license to kill, and all whites and the white-enough have a duty to die.


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Published on Apr 3, 2014

A day after the District Attorney ruled Jeremy Rossetto shot and killed two teens in self-defense, his cousin says his nightmare is far from over.


Anonymous said...

Right. Jeremy will not have to move to a new town, adopt a new identity and keep a low profile for the rest of his life. And the villains will be constantly after him forever.

Anonymous said...

So Anmarie was a female. I am relieved.

Anonymous said...

Yes. A White can't even just go to prison and do their time. A White in prison is in constant danger to his life and to being raped by blacks and hispanics. Blacks and hispanics, because of their majority status in prisons, pretty much run the prisons inside the walls.

Anonymous said...

"refusing to return his weapon and cell phone to this day

Let this be a lesson: ALWAYS have a gun stored away from your home so that the police cannot leave you defenseless. A 9mm in your safe deposit box would be a good start. The aim of all gun controllers is to leave you at the mercy of the eloi whenever they can.