Wednesday, July 03, 2013

My VDARE Column on the George Zimmerman Trial is Up!




Tracy Martin, during Rachel Jeantel's testimony

Portrait of the felon as a young man

You know, this whole trial is based on a misunderstanding. When Tracy Martin, the father of failed aspiring murderer Trayvon Martin heard that the man whom his son had targeted for death but who had instead turned the tables on him was named Zimmerman , he simply assumed that the man was white, and set the whole racial shakedown/murder and mayhem machinery into gear. Once it became clear that Martin had screwed up, he and his accomplices simply stuck to their original script, as if Zimmerman really were white.

George Zimmerman and the “Thirteenth Juror”—the Threat of Black Riots if He’s Acquitted

The trial of George Zimmerman, who is charged with Murder Two for killing Trayvon Martin, will recess for the July Fourth holiday only—the jury is sequestered and there is obviously pressure to reach a verdict as soon as possible.

As a blogger, I have watched all the testimony so far….

What all of the testimony so far has hammered home again and again: there never was any case against George Zimmerman.

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Anonymous said...

There is no case against Zimmerman. In Florida you do not have to receive injury to defend yourself with deadly force only that you fear you are in danger of being injured or killed. Only a fool would think that Martin had no intention, of at the least injuring Zimmerman, as Martin actually told Zimmerman that he was going to "die tonight".

Extropico said...

"Portrait of the felon as a young man." Excellent evocation of James Joyce, Mr. Stix. What a surly, young belligerent was Trayvon by his mien.