Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Judge Debra Nelson to Rule Defense’s Animation Re-Creation of Trayvon Martin’s Attack on George Zimmerman Inadmissible Today


Prosecuting Judge Debra Nelson, who needs to be impeached and prosecuted, along with Special Prosecutor Angela Corey and Gov. Rick Scott for conspiracy to violate the civil rights of George Zimmerman. Most people don't realize that your average judge is just a sanctimonious political hack, rather than an impartial Solon.

By Nicholas Stix

Prosecuting Judge Debra Nelson has wasted hours of the jury’s time on phony hearings about the admissibility of defense witness Daniel Schumacher’s motion-capture animation of Martin’s attack on Zimmerman.

I say phony, because the hearings are supposed to convey to the media and the viewing public that Nelson is fair-minded, after she has left no doubt that she sees her job as railroading Zimmerman. She put off announcing her decision until today, to make it seem as though she were going to struggle with the matter overnight. Ha! She’d decided before she even started holding the hearings on admissibility.

The motion-capture animation of Martin’s attack on Zimmerman is very powerful stuff that would help the defense; therefore, Nelson will never permit it.

Just Monday, one of the genius “experts” at HLN kept repeating that Nelson was really moving things along, because she was so cognizant of the strain that jurors were under, due to sequestration, and didn’t want to keep them longer than necessary. Well, I attended the murder re-trial of George Thomas in Knoxville in May, where the jury was bused in from another county and sequestered, and the opening arguments, testimony, including many expert witnesses, closing arguments, jury deliberations, verdicts and sentencing for murder, took all of five days. Today will be Day 12 (not counting jury selection, which I did not count in Thomas’ case, either), and the case will not even get to the jury until Day 13 or 14.

Prosecuting Judge Nelson’s last concern is with moving things along, or with jurors’ hardships.

These TV experts say the darnedest things.

For the first time, I believe that the defense made a serious, or at least bothersome mistake. Yesterday, when the prosecution had defense animator Daniel Schumacher on the stand, right from the get-go, Schumacher made it clear that the re-creations were not based on trial testimony, because he had been forbidden from watching the trial. Prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda then asked Schumacher another 10-20 times whether the re-creation had been based on trial testimony, as if that admission somehow disqualified Schumacher. It sounded like the sort of thing de la Rionda would try, in order to influence the jury, but the jury was out of the room!

It certainly wasn’t going to influence prosecuting Judge Nelson.

Defense counsel Mark O’Mara should have immediately objected, “Counsel is badgering the witness, who already answered his question,” every time de la Rionda repeated the question.

A super generous interpretation would be that de la Rionda was seeking to trip up Schumacher, and get him to say that he had used trial testimony, but I’m not the welfare lady.


Anonymous said...

Oh Man. I can't wait to read what you have to say about the Learned Judge's performance today (Wednesday).

David In TN

Anonymous said...

The only trial I ever attended lasted a couple of hours; it was part of an assignment in a High School civics class. OJ's murder trial lasted for months. Zimmerman's trial needed to be over before the start of the 2013 NAACP National Convention in Orlando July 13-17. Looks like it'll be just in time delivery.

Bill Grant

Anonymous said...

"Most people don't realize that your average judge is just a sanctimonious political hack, rather than an impartial Solon."

Anyone that's followed Gun Control laws and how the pro-gun side seems to be on the loosing side for years has known this TRUTH for aeons. From the 1934 NFA, to the ban on full auto in McClure-Volkmer, the assault weapon ban, etc., they have ALL BEEN UPHELD BY THE COURTS.

All these gun control judges should have been impeached years ago, but they aren't because then the anti-gun MSM would scream that their Cosmopolitans Judicalbots are being "UNFAIRLY" targeted by the awful Gun Lobby.

Anonymous said...

What a pathetic piece of reporting. The way they go on about her "behavior" is clearly an attempt to seem credible and even handed, yet at the end the piece she's declared to be honest and truthful. How does CNN know that? Aren't lie and contradictions on the stand an indication of dishonesty? Doesn't a racist term (cracker) indicate racial bias?

I don't know how many kids this Jeantel has produced yet but I guarantee by the time she's done there's gonna be at least a 1/2 dozen enormously fat mentally challenged welfare mamas and Treyvon like thugs revolving through the justice system. Scary to contemplate and too much a sad reality. Jerry

Nicholas said...

Gun Control Anon,

Don't forget New York's unconstitutional Sullivan Act.

Jordan Burch said...

This is truly a sad case. I am so frustrated that this man is even being tried as if he were the murderer? What happened to your right to defend yourself? Soon those laws will be gone and we wont have the right to kill someone if we see them killing another person or if they are killing ourselfs. People will defend themselves because they have the desire to live(well most do) and then when they win they will go to jail for defending themselves? Years ago this case would have been dropped in self defense. Now we have this judge (who is obviously biased and harmful to the defenses case)who makes a mockery of "justice" and "equality". This is truly sad to me that we have dont have a sense of truth (even when a greiving mother demands "justice"). We sway to the whims and emotions of people instead of truth. I am curious as to see what a jury full of women will vote. If they chrage him with anything, that will be even sadder. Pray for George and for justice.

Quartermain said...

This entire Trayvon Martin affair is a big travesty of justice just like the OJ thing, maybe even worse.

A mistrial should be declare.

It seems the term 'sober as a judge' will be replaced with 'drunk on power like a judge'.

Chicago guy said...

Two of the least trusted groups in America are politicians and lawyers. Most judges are a combination of both. No need to get carried away by the trappings of it all, the robes, the protocol, the formality, the grand surroundings, the 'your honor' honorific. They're all lawyers who played politics to get there.

The PDK Herald/Crier Project said...

The 6 jurors in the G. Zimmerman trial are all females, 5 white, one unreported, therefore I must assume her to be, a Negress.

I'm not scholarly on legal maters, however, from what I've gleaned and garnered my entire life the Negress will vote in accordance of what is right for the Negro nation, a huge single tribe, 40 million strong, of American Negros.

As an example, the farther of Trayvon admitted to the cops, shortly after the incident, but before the Negro lawyer Crump came to aid the Negros, one and all, that the voice was not that of his son. After the Negro lawyer Crump came the father could no longer be sure.

The mother did not experience that problem as she was not asked until after Crump came to their aid. She of course has adamantly stated it was her son crying out for help.

I find the Negro voice totally distinguishable from white or Mongoloid Amerindians, but apparently they, the legal personal can't. How about a voice expert then?

A picture of both mothers, each claimed the voice crying out for help to be their sons voice, on the witness stand told a huge tale, a tale that said the mother Negress was lying, while George's mother looked quit genuine.

By the way, the mother Negress seems to me to be doing her Negro duty, first and foremost for her own monetary gain. Geesch, what a creep?

The state has committed apostasy to our legal system. This is no longer simply about the George/Trayvon affair, but America as a culture, and we whites and our integrity, and our very soul.

Unfortunately, white liberals are in control and giving the orders. This bonified injustice was their brainchild creation right out of their liberal ideology game plan.

Non-liberal whites must, in my opinion, begin thinking and talking about a new game plan, the old one is not working. We are going down just like the Titanic.

I wonder how long people pretended to themselves that the Titanic was not sinking before they accepted the horrible truth of the matter.

Liberalism is the iceberg targeting America the Titanic, and they have hit us portside.

Good Lord almighty, our gene pool/race/culture and lands are in jeopardy.

Secession. Thank you.