Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Growing Up White in Detroit

Posted by Nicholas Stix

By American Renaissance Reader 48224

Let me tell you what it was like to grow up white in Detroit.

1. We had to move every few years because every neighborhood we ever lived in turned black and as it did, crime went up, property values and schools went down. If you blamed blacks, they blamed 400 years of oppression for making them the way they are.....in other words, whitey's fault.

2. Every person in my family was assaulted by blacks. Dad was robbed at gunpoint at the 7/11. Both sisters grabbed and asked for sex by total stranger black males as the walked down the street.

3. Mom had her purse snatched.

4. Brother had a knife pulled on him by a young black girl.

5. I was spit at as I drove down the street and nearly robbed by a pack of blacks, but not much else. I ran with a bunch of fairly street wise white guys so we knew to avoid blacks. I also witnessed a black kid stab a white kid in my elementary school. Most blood I ever saw in my life. I had totally forgotten about this until I ran into some old school mates and we started exchanging stories. I carried my own knife for protection in elementary school.

6. I attended a Finney, a Detroit high school for ONE semester. There were black guy attending school there that I swear were 25-years-old, huge black dudes with full beards. I think they lied about their age to play football and to get free lunches and nail chicks. I never set foot in the bathroom the entire semester...I was afraid to. I held it all day and ran to the nearest gas station on my walk home. God as my witness that is a true story.

7. At that same high school a white friend was shot by blacks for his coat.

8. My dad was literally a hillbilly from Kentucky with a sixth grade education. He would actually tease me about being "afraid of the N-WORDS" and he had to send me to a private high school. Most families with any money at all did this. I remember the tuition being $1,200 per year back in the 1970s....and that was a lot of money to my dad.

9. I ended up getting a Masters and a great corporate job where I was discriminated against for being a white man. So now I have my own business, I guess being afraid of the N-WORDS paid off. The intent of sending me to a private school was to protect me from the blacks. However, I inadvertently received a college prep education at the hands of Catholic Nuns. Going from Finney High School in Detroit to a suburban Catholic High School was like going from the Black Board Jungle to 90210. I was pretty damn happy.

10. The last neighborhood we lived in is now an all black war zone. It was the far east side of Detroit, Cadieux and E. Warren if anyone knows the area. I sold my house for 40k 18 years ago. Today the houses are worth about 9k.

11. If I told this story and said I was Chinese and the Japanese did this to us, there would be international outrage, a book and TV movie about the suffering of my people who were constantly dislocated by violence and racism. But in Detroit it is just a way of life and my story is no different from the other 1 million whites that fled the city. All the whites who were ran out of Detroit should be diagnosed with PTSD and given disability checks. Instead the people who ran us out are getting the disability checks.

Just business as usual in "the D" as we call it.


Anonymous said...

When I read the part about older guys lying about their age to stay in High School it occured to me that every story I've ever heard about that happening the guys doing it were black. Most of the time it had to do with them playing sports. I remember a few times hearing they got in trouble for messing around with high school girls. Right after I see this posting "coincidentally" I see this MSN headline. Guess what, it's a black guy!
Recently in my town a guy pulled this same stunt, it wasn't a sports guy though he just wanted to go back to his high scool days, he was actually 30 years old, and yes he was black. He was from another state and the only reason he got caught was because his picture was printed in the paper due to some activity he was involved in and someone recognized him. I'm trying to remember even one time someone (who got caught) doing this wasn't black, I can't think of one, how many guys doing this get away with it?
Also, when I was in 6th grade I attended a catholic school, a black kid showed up one day named "Bubba" (I kid you not, that was his name). He was big for his age and had been held back a couple of years due to, frankly, "stupidity". He hulked around the schoolyard bullying everybody, though thankfully, being a catholic school taught by nuns he couldn't get away with nearly as much as we would in a public school. One time he hit me so hard I was literally knocked unconscious. It was disconcerting when I had to help the kids in the remedial table, which he was a fixture at. I recall having to help him a few times and having to teach him 2nd grade math and basic reading skills, and he couldn't even grasp that simple stuff, you oculd sense his simmering anger at his own stupidity and it scared the hell out of me. We moved to the suburbs for junior high and I never saw him again but I always imagined him moving on to high school and being axactly what was described in this posting. Jerry


Chicago guy said...

This is actually quite a typical experience as anyone who grew up in areas with a significant black population can vouch for. It's actually quite mild. Most whites would be acquainted with people who were murdered, raped, stabbed, mugged, assaulted, etc etc, if not themselves actually being on the receiving end of it. Instances of harassment and name calling are too numerous to even count. Then there's always the trashing of public transport where blacks throw garbage all over and act out like it's a playground, along with the lice ridden homeless dirtballs sleeping all day in the seats. The ever more expensive education system is a place no white parent should ever send their children to. I'll have to leave it at that since comment space is limited and one would have to write something the size of a phone book. But yes, it puts things rather mildly.

Anonymous said...

no one of any color should be getting disability checks, its another sign of moral decay, maybe it was your attempt at humor? I like your post.

Anonymous said...

Blacks act like this and commit all sorts of violence against less privileged whites, but the privileged liberal whites only care about bogus KKK sightings at Oberlin and are soooooo worried about safety of blacks students who are totally safe on college campuses.
Tons of blacks rape white women, but it's all covered up by the Jewish-controlled media. But when some black whore lied about those white guys on the Duke Lacrosse team, liberals were up in arms.

It seems like white masses have a two-front war to fight: against blacks who try to rob them and against privileged white/Jewish liberal elites who snub them.