Monday, April 09, 2012

Is Peter Brimelow Next on Racial Socialists’ list, or was He Just Temporarily Bumped?

By Nicholas Stix

Over at VDARE, Patrick Cleburne argues that after getting John Derbyshire fired from National Review, racial socialists will be seeking next to destroy Peter Brimelow, but I think he may have the order mixed up. Peter had been due prior to Derbyshire, but the latter had momentarily given them a golden opportunity, so they went out of order.

In February (gosh, it seems like it was much earlier), black supremacist Al Sharpton denounced Brimelow, on the occasion of the latter speaking at the CPAC conference. I thought this a bit odd at the time, because I figured that Sharpton didn’t even know who Peter was, unless someone was whispering in his ear.

I began typing, “and pushing a script in front of him,” but I don’t believe that Sharpton is much of a reader. Oh, he’s literate, but too lazy to bother. His wife and aides probably read articles to him.

So, why would someone who had surely never read VDARE, let alone any of Brimelow’s books or pre-VDARE articles be denouncing him? My good friend Mark Potok. Mark has a lot of pull within the DP, and must have used it to try and get Peter.

Upon re-reading James Fulford’s February report, I see that James mentioned the SPLC repeatedly, though not explicitly in reference to Sharpton, but the implication that the whole thing was an SPLC operation was there.

Mind you, I’m not saying the anti- Derbyshire campaign was necessarily an SPLC operation. Consider that the ADL is still around, the MSM is in constant attack mode regarding the most obvious facts about race, and they were in heightened smear mode, as part of their Trayvon Martin Hoax, but I’m also not saying that the SPLC had nothing to do with it. But Sharpton’s February attack on Brimelow—yeah, SPLC all the way.

At the risk of sounding like I am trying to hone in on Peter’s bad publicity, while the SPLC has expended much more energy attacking him over the years, I must note that it first attacked me in 2005, and has attacked me a number of times since, even trying to cost the late Ron Smith his columnist gig at the Baltimore Sun, just for having me on his WBAL talk show as a guest.

In any event, for Mark, destroying Peter Brimelow is an ongoing project, just like the project to destroy Jared Taylor. Mark and his allies will always circle back to their quarry.

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