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Lauren Garcia: Huffington Post, TLC, Seek to Launder Racist Character of Nkosi Thandiwe’s Shooting Spree Out of Inspirational Marketing

Piece Disguised as News, But “Random” Stain Remains
By Nicholas Stix


Shooting victim Lauren Garcia as an undergraduate at the University of Georgia's Grady College, from which she had just graduated. She is now a paraplegic.
The piece of moron fodder following my analysis states,

In July 2011, [Lauren] Garcia was shot in the back during a random shooting spree in Atlanta.

There was nothing “random” about it at all. The black shooter, a guard from Allied Barton Security, Nkosi Thandiwe, 22, was obsessed with happily married white woman Brittney Watts, 26, who worked in the building where he had recently been placed. Watts clearly did not share his obsession, and so he decided to murder her.


Atlanta murder victim Brittney Watts

Thandiwe had apparently been stalking Mrs. Watts, using his employer’s various closed circuit TV cameras and monitors at his work station. Thus, he knew where she parked her car, and when he saw her on camera in the elevator, heading out to lunch break, he hustled out ahead to the area where she’d parked her vehicle. Once she was in her car, he shot her in the throat, killing her. Thandiwe then carjacked Watts’ vehicle, and while speeding out of the parking lot, shot the first two “white” women he saw, Lauren Garcia and Tiffany Ferenczi. He shot Ferenczi in the ankle or calf, only superficially wounding her, but shot Garcia in the back, severing her spine, and leaving her crippled for life.

Shooting victim Tiffany Ferenczy.

The Atlanta media have been careful to cover up the crimes’ racial character, and the national media have, of course, refused to report on the crimes.

Defendant Nkosi Thandiwe

Thandiwe comes from a prominent Atlanta family. His father is an engineer, and his mother is a prominent anti-death penalty attorney, who specializes in ensuring that black killers are not punished for their crimes. Thandiwe’s attorneys have succeeded, through a modified “crazy card” defense, in getting the death penalty taken off the table, not that any Atlanta jury would ever, in this day and age, vote to execute a black man, no matter what his crimes were. After all, they wouldn’t even give racist spree killer Brian Nichols the death penalty, back in ’08.

Thandiwe’s new defense attorney, John A. Garland

In an Orwellian sense, however, Brittney Watts, Lauren Garcia, and Tiffany Ferenczi were the victims of a “random shooting spree.” That would be the sense in which the term “random,” as used in black-on-white crime stories, has become for readers wise to the media’s racial codes, a euphemism for “racially targeted.”


Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta: Shooting Victim Lauren Garcia Looks for Wedding Dress (VIDEO)
March 2, 2012, at 5:12 p.m.
Updated on March 2, 2012, at 6:13 p.m.
[By Anonymous; possibly a copywriter for TLC, or its marketing company.]

Most brides dream of walking down the aisle on their wedding day.

But for "Say Yes To The Dress: Atlanta" bride Lauren Garcia, walking isn't an option.

In July 2011, Garcia was shot in the back during a random shooting spree in Atlanta. The incident left her paralyzed from the waist down. As a result of the horrific incident, the 23-year-old bride will have to make her way down the aisle in a wheelchair.

In this exclusive preview clip, the bride-to-be talks about getting used to the idea that she'll be spending the rest of her life as a paraplegic. "It's really hard sometimes," she says, holding back tears. "But the fight's not over."

"Say Yes To The Dress: Atlanta" airs Friday at 9pm EST on TLC

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Anonymous said...

Typical his family is against the death penalty, the race of a person shouldn't come into it, he should be sentenced to death, An eye for an eye, or at least his spine should be sethered so he knows what poor Lauren has to put up with the rest of her life