Tuesday, March 06, 2012

An Illinois Reader Writes on Refugee Resettlement and the Hmong

Re: “Would Forcing All Refugees to Settle in Oakland Solve Our Refugee Problem ... or Our Oakland Problem?”
Years ago they have a program on TV about these Hmong refugees from Laos that had been moved to some high-rise, low-income projects in Atlanta. My instinctive and intuitive response was that this was the last thing you wanted to do with the Hmong, and that some housing project exec was way off base when that decision to place the Hmong among the “brothers and sisters” was done.

And the TV program then went on to describe how the Hmong were being beaten up and robbed ALMOST EVERY DAY IN LARGE NUMBERS!

Attacked over and over by negro thugs who took a malicious and perverse pleasure in their bullying. And this was not about mere robbery. Was about bullying and just being a thug for the pleasure of being so.

These negro thugs were interviewed and their response to being asked the question, “Why do you do this?” was “We don’t know these folks and what they be’ez all bouts’ ya’ll.”

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