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Seattle: The Raymel J. Curry Story

By Nicholas Stix

[See also:

“Seattle’s Good Nazis Watch Racist Black Mob Attack Couple for 4 Minutes, Without So Much as Calling 911; Racist Blacks Perform for Bus Cameras.”]

In the September 17, 2010 video below you’ll see Raymel Curry, then 32, address his much smaller, brain-damaged, 55-year-old Asian victim, Howard Hui, repeatedly bragging, “I’ll do it on camera,” “I’ll punch you on camera,” and even going up to the camera, so that it will clearly record his visage and threats.

“That’s what I’m gonna do. [Clapping his hands loudly.] What you gonna do?”

The driver ignored Curry’s theatrical threats, just as the bus driver in my last item on Seattle ignored a four-minute long, racist black gang attack by five black females on a white couple on November 19, 2010. It makes a fellow wonder what race the drivers in question were.

The 6’4, 200-pound Curry is still such a coward that after all his threats, he still had to sneak up behind his hopelessly mismatched victim, and sucker punch the man, knocking him out, sending him “crash[ing] head first on the window ledge of an auto-parts store, then [falling] to the sidewalk, and leaving him with “a broken jaw and deep head cuts.”

Curry had been arrested at least 54 times, but obviously was not getting punished for his many crimes, which I doubt entailed spitting on the sidewalk. Otherwise, he would not have been free to do what he did that day.

Take a good look at the face of Raymel J. Curry. His is the face of crime in Seattle. Look, too, at the black bus riders who walked past the victim’s prostrate body, on their way to get on the bus. They support black crime, as long as non-blacks are the victims.

The victim was not black, but the possibility of the attack being a racial hate crime was never considered by King County authorities. That he was disabled was considered, and played heavily, in Curry receiving a seven-year prison sentence for his crime. Had the victim been a normal Asian or white man, Curry might have been released with time-served, which appears to be the typical sentence he previously served. As it is, Curry will probably be paroled in two to three years.


September 17, 2010 Bus Attack by Raymel Curry


I believe that the report below is mistaken, when it maintains that the assailant and victim were both getting off at the same stop. The victim may have planned on getting off at that stop, or may have gotten off, in order to flee Curry. Curry likely got off at that stop, in order to attack his victim.

King County and Washington judges are the felon’s best friends.


Originally published November 17, 2010 at 6:39 PM | Page modified November 18, 2010 at 9:44 AM

Seattle bus video shows attack on passenger; suspect has 50 arrests

Simply for being on the wrong Seattle bus at the wrong time, a 55-year-old man was injured by a sucker punch from a ranting fellow passenger, a newly released video shows.
By Seattle Times staff

Simply for being on the wrong bus at the wrong time, A [sic] 55-year-old man was injured by a sucker punch from a ranting fellow passenger, a newly released video shows.

[N.S.: "The wrong bus at the wrong time"?! What, was it struck by lighting?]

Raymel J. Curry, 32, was charged with second-degree assault after the Sept. 17 incident, which left the mentally disabled victim with a broken jaw and deep head cuts.

Video from on-bus cameras shows an attacker throwing a right-hook punch at the smaller victim from behind, just after they both stepped off the No. 7 King County Metro Transit bus on Rainier Avenue South, near Mount Baker Station. Curry is 6-foot-4 and 200 pounds, a police report says.

The victim crashed head first on the window ledge of an auto-parts store, then fell to the sidewalk, a prosecutor's statement says.

Several people walked past him onto the bus, and others peered out the bus window, the footage shows. Police reported that one witness did get off and stay with the victim, and the driver called 911. He required surgery and police said he may require more surgery.

Before the attack, the attacker yelled threats and profanities, including some directly at the victim. He then walked to a mid-bus overhead camera to declare, "I'll punch you, on camera."

Transit police arrested Curry a week later in Kent. He has been arrested at least 50 times.

A trial is scheduled for January. Prosecutors would seek a standard sentence of 7 to 8 years, and possibly a longer sentence, said Ian Goodhew, deputy chief of staff.

The video was released to Q-13 Fox television news Tuesday via that station's public-records request, and to other news outlets Wednesday, said Goodhew.

The #7 route is one of Seattle's busiest, and more crime-ridden lines. Recently, a 10-year-old accidentally shot himself in the arm during what authorities say was a botched armed robbery by three boys on a bus near Rainier Beach.

Metro spokeswoman Linda Thielke said crime is actually down for the first nine months of this year compared with the same period a year ago: Assaults on passengers dropped from 83 to 50 countywide, and assaults on drivers declined from 109 to 66, she said. Transit police patrols have increased, and officers have been suspending four to five people a day from Metro use for unruly conduct, Thielke said.

Mike Lindblom: 206-515-5631 or

[At least the Seattle Times’ censors permitted some pungent and to-the-point reader commentary.]

Just another example of senseless violence perpetrated by ignorant black males. WA State Supreme Court Justice Sanders is right. Too bad he was not re-elected.

Up To and Touching
Kent, WA
November 17, 2010 at 9:28 PM
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Remember the old ad slogan? "Who rides Metro? People like you." Not exactly....

Seattle, WA
November 17, 2010 at 9:34 PM
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50 arrests = another 300 times he committed a crime and didn't get arrested. And he faces 7-8 years in prison, if convicted, which means he'll be out in 3-4 years (for good behavior).

Seattle, WA
November 18, 2010 at 2:01 AM
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Get rid of this loser a$$ punk! He's a 32 year old man with no regard for laws or other people. He's not some punk little kid who made a bad choice. He's a grown man who nearly killed a completely innocent disabled man. Do we have to wait for him to actually kill someone before those charged to protect the public put this guy away from society?

On another note, transit drivers like the one driving this bus make it pretty hard for people to believe the job is deserving of the VERY good pay these drivers receive. What kind of coward lets a disabled man be terrorized for OVER HALF AN HOUR?!?! He couldn't have picked up his receiver and called transit police? This driver deserves at the very least a disciplinary suspension. He may have been driving an extended bus but this loser bully was VERY vocal about his threats, not to mention behaving aggressively. Pure negligence/laziness on the part of the driver.

P.S. Lot of good that first aid training that drivers are required to take did in this case, huh?

Justin C
Seattle, WA
November 17, 2010 at 9:38 PM
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That this assault happened on the #7 Rainier Metro bus will come as no suprise to anyone that lives or has ever lived in South Seattle. This type of thing has been the norm on the #7 for atleast 30 years. Sad but true.

Des Moines, WA
November 17, 2010 at 9:55 PM
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Maybe SPD should sit a couple of undercovers on the Bus, they might accidently arrest someone. They could pretend they are taking the Bus to raid a massage parlor, everyone would believe that cover story.

Carnation, WA
November 17, 2010 at 10:15 PM
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Sadly, crime is something seen everyday in Rainier Valley, so it's not a surprise that strangers didn't come to aid of another. Also, the video clearly shows that the incident happened in the back portion of an articulated Metro bus, so it's possible the driver was unaware, and sadly it also clearly shows the gender and races of the passengers near the disabled Asian man, so you can make up your own mind why no one helped him in the back of the bus. Whether it was a #7, #9, #42, #8, #106, etc..., any bus that runs through Rainier Avenue or MLK Jr. Way South faces the same problem and the same lack of strangers helping strangers.

Seattle, WA
November 17, 2010 at 10:17 PM
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Once again, the silence and outrage from Jesse, Sharpton, and the NAACP is deafening.

Newcastle, WA
November 17, 2010 at 10:36 PM
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So far, thanks to members of the black community we have five dead police officers, another wounded, another one permanently disabled, a dead Tuba Man, a dead decorated Viet Nam vet, killed while watering a street circle garden, a dead armored car guard, a dead Christopher Kime killed while helping a fallen woman at Fat Tuesday celebration. The list goes on and on! Wonder why the news media never points this out. Time to get your gun permits, shoot first and ask questions later.

Seattle, WA
November 17, 2010 at 10:41 PM
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This video is Reason #263 why I don't take public transit. I'll happily continue commuting in my safe, cozy, dry, warm car where no giant black guy can punch me for no reason. Shame on Metro for trying to stonewall the media investigation on this, and shame on all those other bus riders for not helping a 55 year old disabled man who was attacked in front of them.

This whole thing is sickening and disgusting, and again it proves to me how lucky I am to have my own car to take me wherever I want to go.

Orange, CA
November 18, 2010 at 12:18 AM
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50 arrests = another 300 times he committed a crime and didn't get arrested. And he faces 7-8 years in prison, if convicted, which means he'll be out in 3-4 years (for good behavior).

Thanks Sound Transit, for spending billions of dollars to go out of your way to run a light-rail train through the cess pool that is Rainier Valley. Maybe with another couple of billion they can branch a line to the Sunny Jim homeless camp and on to the King County jail. Bring the pork home, Patty.

World Gone Crazy
Seattle, WA
November 18, 2010 at 2:01 AM
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Wow, sucker punching a disabled person from behind. What's next, challenging a 95 year old woman to an arm wrestling contest? What a coward. Where was Ian Birk when when we needed him?

Republic not Democracy
Seattle, WA
November 18, 2010 at 2:22 AM
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The morons from Metro Police are busy riding the trains with commuters instead of the problem busses like the 4 and 7. If they just want to watch assaults happen and do nothing maybe they should replace them with the other worthless employees from Olympic Security or Securitas?

Typical of a metro driver to sit through the rantings of the criminal and do nothing until after the assault. What a nice bus trip.

Tacoma, WA
November 18, 2010 at 4:23 AM
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"This could have been avoided had the driver called it in as soon has this guy started his ranting. "

.......exactly, Metro needs to evaluate its policies before this type of incident evolves into a blood bath.

.......unfortunately, I encountered this fellow while transferring from Renton at about 1:00 a.m.; I became his verbal target before boarding the 36 Beacon Hill.....meaning I arrived at the bus stop and he began verbal racist ranting. There was no one else on the bus.

The difference, I am 6', 240.

As I boarded the 36, I informed the driver "this individual has a serious mental issue and is threatening violence."

The driver replied "you cannot board my bus if you think you will have a confrontation." The driver was African-American and had some type of badge/award for his years of service and/or safe driving.

I replied "I don't know this guy from Adam."

The mental case sat in the front third of the bus and stared me down as I moved to the back of the bus. He would turn around and rant/threaten continually from Renton all the way to downtown Seattle.

When I got off the bus I asked the driver why he did not call Metro Police (I should have asked his name and number and reported the driver to Metro in writing); I can't remember what he said but basically blew it off.

This mental case appears well-cared for, so, someone, in addition to our system, is enabling him to continue with his life style of roving terror. His family is probably terrified of him as well, probably has appealed to authorities, and probably was ignored.

Just like the South Park killer, at some point, probably multiple points, this individual has been evaluated by mental health officials and law enforcement and deemed no threat--despite his modus operandi which is to verbalize threats of violence.

They both act on their threats, cause loss of life and limb, yet continue to be free to inflict terror upon the public.

Having worked in mental health, I think this guy is deeply psychotic. He probably can maintain when he takes his medications but does not like the side effects so elects to forgo the meds and/or he is "hangin with the posse" and using psycho-active street drugs which, in his chemically imbalanced mental state, would cause even marijuana to send him over the top.

With the budget, and the GOP/Tea Party, we can probably expect many more of these reportings; mental health is a low priority.

The only way things will change is when the public becomes outraged but the public has so many wounds to lick now it won't happen.

Seattle, WA
November 18, 2010 at 8:41 AM
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"It's amazing how quickly people here turned on metro and the driver.

This was a large, crazy man looking to commit violence. Who among you is brave enough to get involved in that?

Is is a black and white issue? If the victim is white it may need to be looked at as a hate crime."

.......uh, hello, the article states the guy was ranting and raving, clapping his hands, and pacing back and forth for half an hour before he disembarked and clocked the small mentally-disabled man.......the driver would not notice this with all the mirrors, etc.; furthermore, I would not be surprised if one of the passengers did not notify the driver.

Metro policy needs to be examined and pressure put to bear equivalent to the public reaction to the wood carver incident.

The driver should have alerted base of the incident via their on-board microphone, stopped, and pulled over; the driver could announce something like a malfunction and stated help is on the way.

Is it a black-white racial issue? Given the most of the riders on the bus, proximate to the incident and perpetrator during the entire incident while the perpetrator spouted severe racial epithets, and the perpetrator was black, and the small man was white, yes I would say it is a racial issue.

Equity, justice, and fairness goes both ways; how can citizens witness overt hatred, regardless of the result of mental illness, and stand quietly by while a bully gets inches from the face of a cowering victim.

I would like to hear from the Urban League and NAACP in terms of showing some unifying leadership.

How can the Urban League and the NAACP justify their huge response to a jay-walking incident yet remain silent about serial, un-ending incidents of racial violence and hatred--where is your leadership?

It is a matter of credibility--they would gain far more respect and support from the public if they would take the time to be even-handed about the incidents they choose to intervene.

Hate and violence does not have a color.

It is a disease whose only cure is compassion.

Seattle, WA
November 18, 2010 at 10:24 AM
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June 17, 2011 at 2:35 PM
7-year sentence for man who sucker-punched disabled man
Seattle Times
Posted by John de Leon
-- From Times staff reporter Christine Clarridge:

A man who sucker-punched a developmentally disabled man after getting off a King County Metro bus in September was sentenced Friday to seven years in prison.
Raymel J. Curry was found guilty last month of second-degree assault in King County Superior Court.

He was charged after the Sept. 17 incident, which was captured on surveillance video on the bus. The victim suffered a broken jaw and deep head cuts.

On the video, Curry can be seen throwing a punch at the smaller victim from behind, just after both men stepped off the No. 7 bus on Rainier Avenue South, near Mount Baker Station. Curry is 6-foot-4 and 200 pounds, a police report said.

The victim crashed head-first on the window ledge of an auto-parts store, then fell
to the sidewalk, charging document said.

Several people walked past the victim and got onto the bus, and others peered out the bus window, the video footage shows. Police reported that one witness did get off and stay with the victim, and the driver called 911.

Before the attack, Curry yelled threats and profanities, including some directly at the victim. He then walked to a mid-bus overhead camera to declare, "I'll punch you, on camera."

Transit police arrested Curry a week later in Kent. According to court charging paperwork, Curry has been booked into the King County Jail 54 times since 1996 and been sought on 26 arrest warrants.

During Friday's sentencing, the victim's sister said her brother's life had been forever altered by the assault. In addition to his physical injuries, he lost the last small shred of independence he had, she said.

"Sadly, he now lives in fear of the bus" and no longer leaves his home, she said.

Man sentenced in South Seattle attack on disabled victim
By Shomari Stone
June 17, 2011 at 8:32 PM PST

SEATTLE -- The family of a disabled man broke down in tears of joy after a judge gave the maximum sentence to the man who attacked their vulnerable loved one.

Last September, mounted cameras captured Raymel Curry attacking Howard Hui, a disabled man nearly half Curry's size.

On Friday, a judge sentenced Curry to seven years in prison.

"I heard seven years, and I can't even describe how I felt," said Hui's sister, Lisa Hui. "I felt so much relief, so overjoyed."

Curry was captured sucker-punching the victim as he got off the bus at Rainier Avenue South and South McClellan Street in South Seattle. Hui lay on the ground, bleeding with a fractured jaw.

The attack has added more troubles for the man whose life took a difficult turn at just 2 years old, when he suffered brain damage from a coma.

"He's not only small, (but also) mentally-disabled, elderly -- 56 years old. I do believe he was bullied," said the victim's sister.

Whether he felt remorse for his actions, Curry said, "I feel terrible, absolutely."

The judge's decision gives the Hui family a sense of closure, but the victim is too scared to ride a bus again. His family says he refuses to even leave his mother's home.

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“Seattle’s Good Nazis Watch Racist Black Mob Attack Couple for 4 Minutes, Without So Much as Calling 911; Racist Blacks Perform for Bus Cameras.”]


Anonymous said...

The usual excuses or variants of same are worked into this story:

"He got on the wrong bus at the wrong time," and 'Crime is down on buses this year."

We will probably soon see the term "random sucker punch."

David In TN

OnMainStreet said...

White Marine Iraq War Vet fights back after being attacked on bus by three black thugs: Video

'Iraq war vet stands up to bullies on Lacey bus'

He's a family man with an eight-year run in the Marine Corps. But for the last two years he’s been riding the bus in search of a job.

Last week after a full day of searching, Jim sat across from three guys he felt were being disrespectful to everyone on the bus.

But instead of turning the other way, he looked at them and said "Given the nature of what we've gone through with the word n***** it's not appropriate to loosely throw that word around or refer to white women as white b***** and I'd appreciate if they stopped that.”

That's when Jim says the guys focused in on him, arguing - then hitting - before jumping off the bus.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous: "being on the wrong Seattle bus at the wrong time" is nonsense. That phrase is trotted out by LAZY journalists. "Wrong place/wrong time" is valid only if an **inanimate object** like a meteorite hit the bus. But Mr. Curry, the convicted assailant, decided to taunt, terrify, and attack his Asian victim. He should have been locked up in a loony bin, but many are closed these days, it seems. Truly sickening.

OnMainStreet said...

Video of Philadelphia PATCO station Black on White Attack

Freeze Frame:

Full Video of Attack:

Authorities Investigating Attack At Center City PATCO Station

PATCO Attack Videotaped, 2 Arrested

Man Beaten By Two Men At A Philly PATCO Station, As Another Person Filmed The Attack

Man arrested for Center City subway attack