Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Carter Strange Beating Update

By David in TN
Expanded at 2:54 a.m., on Wednesday, October 12, 2011.


Carter Strange’s pre-reconciliation appearance


Two of the 8 suspects in the Carter Strange beating pled guilty on September 22. The proceeding concluded with the kind of scene the MSM like.

[‘You can throw your life away in the snap of a finger’
2 of 8 plead guilty, express remorse
Teens admit to not reporting crime but neither participated in beating; sentencing to come later by Noelle Phillips, The State, September 22, 2011.]

Attacker’s mother and victim’s mother embrace


N.S.: I strongly suspect that many of these forgiveness and reconciliation rituals are staged by the media.

After all, they direct the spectacles of the white families of victims of black racist atrocities, such as the Knoxville Horror, condemning the pro-white whites who insist on publicly remembering the loved, lost and demanding justice for them, and denying the obvious racial motivation, just as they harass whites who complain about black racism, so this would merely be keeping in character, or the lack thereof.

David in TN adds (from comment): When I attended three days of Vanessa Coleman’s trial, I personally witnessed TV personality Mario Boone try to stage such a scene with Channon Christian’s parents and Coleman’s parents. Gary and Deena Christian would have none of it.

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“Carter Strange Beating Update: Some Juvis to be Charged as Adults; Otherwise, Usual, ‘Not-a-Hate-Crime’ Official Story”; and

In Carter Strange Case, Defense Attorneys Argue Black Attackers Who Beat White Within an Inch of His Life were “Just Having Fun,” and Can’t Possibly be Convicted of Conspiracy; Prosecutors: Two Juvis Should be Tried as Adults.


Anonymous said...

When I attended 3 days of Vanessa Coleman's trial, I personally witnessed TV personality Mario Boone try to stage such a scene with Channon Christian's parents and Coleman's parents. Gary and Deena Christian would have none of it.

David In TN

Nicholas said...

Thanks for the reminder, David. I'll amend that to the VDARE version.

BunBun4life said...

yeah, dad doesn't look too thrilled, and if my son had been beaten like this young man, so brutal and horrible as a mother to see your beautiful, sweet, good son almost destroyed and killed by savage beasts - there is no way in HELL I would hug the creature who raised that subhuman, worthless waste of oxygen, food and precious water she calls a 'son'. I hate her and I hate her stupid filthy son and his stupid ugly face tryin' to look all SAD in court and holding his hands up like he's praying for mercy !!??? I would have smashed his face in with a BRICK if that had been my son.

I hope they all go to hell and burn, him AND his stupid mother.

Thank god for their family that their son survived, is not in a wheelchair drooling - but god love him, you know he is messed in the head now forever. Just jogging home, be home in a minute mom. Jesus wept.