Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Is the San Francisco Chronicle Trying to Get White Ex-Cop and Family Killed?

By Nicholas Stix

Oscar Grant

In “SFGate Hits Bottom,” Latte Island tells of the Chronicle’s manipulation, through a combination of aggressive censorship and malign negligence, of its comments section on a story about the fatal shooting, on New Year’s of ex-con Oscar Grant, 22, by then-Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) policeman Johannes Mehserle, 27, who has since resigned and been arrested on suspicion of murder.

While I was reading the comments to the story about the arrest of the BART cop, I noted the good ones I planned to copy and post. When I went back to the beginning to start copying them, two were gone, replaced by "This comment violated SFGate's Terms and Conditions, and has been removed." They were both by the same commenter, SFBankrupt. His first comment pointed out that SFGate's photo of the late Mr. Grant was a nice one, and the descriptions of him never mentioned that he was a repeat felon and had done prison time. His second comment was in response to another commenter who had disagreed with him. That comment (from the person disagreeing with him) is still up; they only deleted SFBankrupt's criticism of SFGate for falsely portraying Grant as an innocent victim instead of the thug he was.

In addition, several commenters complained that SFGate had allowed many commenters to publish the address of the cop's family members and had failed to remove that information in a timely manner.

In other words, SFGate has been at the head of the lynch mob all along….

There’s much more over at LI.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this and your reply to Z. BTW, I did a screen capture of Z's sitemeter data. He's from Las Vegas. If you ever want to compare his ISP # with any of your trolls, let me know via a comment.

Anonymous said...

I immediately suspected the same thing (That grant was a serial thug) . I wonder what the police officer was doing. A similar thing happened in the UK (without the racial inflammation) when a Brazilian was shot in the same manner.
Here's my out on a limb theory:
Counter terrorism training for Cops- they probably have a 'shoot first' police if a suspect does something.
Considering the bellicose behavior of Grant, he very well could have said something like 'Osama is going blow you guys up' or something similar.
Police were probably told they would be protected in such a case but since there is a racial angle, this cop won't.

The other more plausible theory is the guy made a serious mistake, thougth he was reaching for a tazer.

If that's the case its tragic. If the victim were white the cop would not be arrested. As it stands he now going to one of the first of many whites to sacroficed in the Obama era.

Anonymous said...

even more entertaining: search google news and try to find a story mentioning grant was a convicted felon.