Saturday, October 17, 2020

Mass Murder in SE D.C., Police Search for Grey Jeep

By Prince George's County Ex-Pat
Sat, Oct 17, 2020 12:58 p.m.

Deadly Triple Shooting Occurs in SE D.C., Police Search for Grey Jeep Linked to Incident

PGCE-P: Home sweet home.

I remember my father taking me to the old Sears store on Alabama Avenue SE many, many years ago.


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Anonymous said...

I read all the contributors and many times they'll mention how fondly remembered a particular city was as a child or young adult,but which now is rampant with negro crime.

My city too has declined to a depressing state.
Streets I used to walk to and from school on--without worry--are now areas of drug dealing,shootings and neighborhood destruction.

Where there were only White,middle class,vibrant families,we now have porch dwelling,sidewalk pacing blacks or Mex on cellphones.

Where there were station wagons full of White kids seen and safe parks to play in,we now have drive-bys and dilapidated parks that White parents would never send their kids(or themselves)to.

Where there were small,retail stores that as a kid,I used to stop into everyday after school to buy baseball cards,candy or a bottle of pop,those same stores are now hangouts for blacks to huddle at,in hopes of snagging a White girl,peddle dope,fight over nothing or just dare you to walk by them.Robberies and murder are thrown in for variety.

Where once were schools(like the one I went to)there's "low income housing"--which creates,by its own presence--black crime of all types.

Where once was clean--there is filth.

Where once was safe,there is fear.Who walks down a street after 6pm anymore?

Where once was Grand Rapids,we now have "Ni**ertown"--and getting worse every day,month and year.