Monday, October 19, 2020

black supremacists and White Communists Destroy the Nation's Highest Ranked High School

By Prince George's County Ex-Pat
Sun, Oct 18, 2020 10:31 p.m.

Parents, Alumni Protest after Admissions Process Changed at Va. High School

PGCE-P: It’s because black students at T.J. are privileged.


black people.

black privilege.

N.S.: This has happebened so many times already, because of imbecilic black supremacists and their White "allies."

The bsers see something successful, and demand that it be given to them, i.e., that the standards that made the institution successful be trahsed for them. They assume that if it is given to them, they will be able to exploit its "juju," nobody will notice them destroying the institution, and Whites will remain to be their slaves, ATM machines, rape toys, and to offset their lousy performance.

Powerful Whites immediately indulge them, and just as quickly, the blacks destroy it. Then they complain that they are the victims of "racism," just as they always do.

Rinse and repeat.



Anonymous said...

Why don't the "educated" Whites who run the schools understand/see what's happening?They can't be all suicidal maniacs,can they?

David In TN said...


You made a comment at Unz Review about liberal bad faith and dishonesty-- "There's no such thing as IQ; and liberals have higher IQ than conservatives."

I made a reply: "An apologia for horrors such as the Christian-Newsom torture-murders was "This crime didn't deserve national publicity because it rarely happens." Then they will say, "The Christian-Newsom murders didn't deserve national publicity because similar crimes happen all the time."

Still another example is the constant refrain of "Diversity is our strength" and "Everybody loves everybody due to diversity."

Then the same people say, "I hate white people."