Thursday, October 15, 2020

A Vicious Cycle of Lockdowns

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A Vicious Cycle of Lockdowns

A vicious cycle of lockdowns
Plus: A six-month positivity plan, and why Lewis Hamilton is peerless
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Thursday October 15 2020

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By Chris Evans, Editor
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More of the country is being placed under Tier 2 and 3 Covid-19 restrictions, with London joining on Saturday (get the latest in our live blog). So far, the Prime Minister has resisted pressure for a "circuit-breaker" lockdown, but for how long? If he does relent, argues Allister Heath, it would lead Britain into a vicious cycle of lockdowns and terminal decline.

Local lockdowns could persist for several months, leading to a daunting and difficult winter. If your area is under one, read Alice Hall's six-month positivity plan with tips to help you get through the cold, dark season.

The launch of the new iPhone was billed as the most important for several years, with Apple hoping to return to sky-high levels of sales growth. The reason for that optimism is that these are the first iPhones capable of using 5G. Is it misplaced? James Titcomb writes that, as of today, 5G still lacks the "killer application" to make upgrading worthwhile.

Finally, Lewis Hamilton matched Michael Schumacher's record of Grand Prix victories last weekend. The Englishman has achieved the feat in an era of mechanical dominance similar to that of his German counterpart, which has led some to question its significance. Those critics couldn't be more wrong, argues Oliver Brown, insisting that Hamilton truly is peerless.


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"Covid will accelerate the fall of the West unless we abandon our irrational approach to the virus," writes Allister Heath. Read his column.
Feeling daunted by another six months of lockdown? Here's our positivity plan to get you through.
The iPhone 12's biggest selling point is beyond Apple's control – James Titcomb reports from Silicon Valley. (Free to read)
Lewis Hamilton matching Michael Schumacher at the Nurburgring is a deeply symbolic feat for the ages, writes Oliver Brown. Read his analysis. (Free to read)
Not Egyptian and no great beauty: what Gal Gadot's Cleopatra should look like, according to history.
How Trump changed the world: German garrison towns say 'auf wiedersehen' to a generation of American GIs. Don't miss the first part of our new series.
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