Monday, November 11, 2019

Legendary Canadian Announcer, Don Cherry, Fired for... Nothing!

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Monday, November 11, 2019 at 6:21:00 P.M. EST

Legendary Canadian announcer, Don Cherry, fired for... nothing! (Calling immigrants—“you people.”)

TORONTO (AP) — A Canadian broadcast company has fired hockey commentator Don Cherry for calling immigrants “You people” in a rant [!] on television in which he said new immigrants are not honoring the country’s fallen soldiers.

Rogers Sportsnet president Bart Yabsley said in a statement Monday that after discussions with Cherry “it has been decided it is the right time for him to immediately step down.”

The 85-year-old Cherry called immigrants “you people,” and said, “You love our way of life, you love our milk and honey,” and said he didn’t see immigrants wearing poppies to honor the country’s fallen on Remembrance Day, which is observed on Monday.

Cherry has provided commentary following the first intermission of “Hockey Night in Canada” for years.

GRA: The truth shall set you free—of your job. Unbelievable.


Anonymous said...

ADDITIONAL (from Wikipedia)
On November 9, 2019, Cherry received criticism for remarks he made during Coach's Corner that complained that he has seen people wearing remembrance poppies to honour fallen Canadian soldiers less frequently — and singled out those he believes are immigrants in the Toronto area. He remarked, "You people that come here... you love our way of life, you love our milk and honey, at least you can pay a couple bucks for a poppy or something like that... These guys paid for your way of life that you enjoy in Canada, these guys paid the biggest price".[52] Sportsnet apologized for the remarks, stating that his comments were discriminatory and offensive, and that they "do not represent our values and what we stand for as a network."[53] His co-host, Ron MacLean also apologized via Twitter, expressing regret for his actions and for allowing Cherry make the comments.[54] The NHL subsequently released a statement on Cherry's comments saying "the comments made last night were offensive and contrary to the values(GRA:The word that I hate the most--when used for these purposes-- "values") we believe in."[55] Cherry later told the Toronto Sun that he would not apologize for his comments stating "I have had my say".[56]

The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council (CBSC) stated that its internal systems had been overloaded by a high number of complaints.[57] Two days later, on November 11, Remembrance Day, Sportsnet president Bart Yabsley announced that Cherry had been fired: "Following further discussions with Don Cherry after Saturday night's broadcast, it has been decided it is the right time for him to immediately step down."[58] Speaking to the Toronto Sun, Cherry commented, "I know what I said and I meant it. Everybody in Canada should wear a poppy to honour our fallen soldiers... I would have liked to continue doing Coach's Corner. The problem is if I have to watch everything I say, it isn't Coach's Corner."[59]
I assume he was a vet,though I can't find anything about him being one.If he was,quite the touch to fire him on Veteran's Day.

Anonymous said...

For the heck of it,I thought I'd put together a little sentimental remembrance of one of my favorite shows(updated).
The Dean Martin Celebrity Roast(2019)
Dean,Don Rickles,Johnny Carson,Chevy Chase and Jimmy Stewart are magically transported to 2019--to roast the "stars" of today(unfortunately,all we could find was Jimmy Fallon--not a star).
Announcer:"Ladies and gentleman--Dean Martin!"
Dean:(slurred speech)Hello everyone,when I found out the name of the person we were roasting tonight,I immediately Googled it--Jimmy Fallon--and nothing came up--but my lunch from this afternoon(burp).
So without further ado--so we can get the hell out of here a lot sooner--I present our first attack dog, Mr.Johnny Carson (applause)
Carson:Thanks Dean,uhhh,this is the guy who took over MY "Tonight Show"?You've got to be kidding me.He's so bad with an adlib,that Chevy Chase watches and says "Hey I could do that"--and he did--for about four weeks---back in 1993(laughs).I'll use the old joke I told--many years ago about Chevy-- and insert Fallon's name instead:Jimmy Fallon couldn't adlib a fart after a baked bean dinner."(Laughs,applause).
Carson:"Uhh,More beans for Chevy,he just ran out of material--good night everyone."(applause)
Dean:Thanks Johnny,Jimmy Stewart is our next presenter of mirth,heeere's Jimmy(applause).
(Dean sits down)
Stewart:Th-thanks Dean,I didn't think you could stand up anymore without those two blondes I saw carrying you around earlier tonight.
Dean:I can't stand up BECAUSE of what those two blondes did to me earlier tonight(laughs).
Stewart:I,I,I don't get it.Anyways,I wrote a poem about Jimmy Fallon.If you give me $10,000,I'll write a poem about ANYONE--even Rickles--or Fallon.(laughs).Here's my Fallon poem:
It's 1130 at night
and I grab my remote
to turn on this evenings Tonight Show
Just me and my wife,
it's a wonderful sight,
as we're cruising around on our big boat

But something's gone wrong
The boat's sprung a leak,
and water pours in by the gallon
"The good news," I say,
"we'll go down with the ship
"but we wont have to watch Jimmy Fallon."
Dean:Thanks Jimmy--Stewart--not Fallon,I want to make that clear.
Now,to wrap things up,a man who rats call up for advice on how to be mean,Mr.Warmth--Don Rickles(applause)
Rickles:Thank you Dean--I'm over HERE (laughs).
Dean:Ohhh,is that where you went to.
Rickles:There's an old Hollywood saying,"if you're having a problem thinking up a joke about someone for a roast, it's either because he's not a big enough talent--or it's Jimmy Fallon--which in THIS case,is redundant.Let me be clear,Bob Newhart is more charismatic than Jimmy Failon.
Fallon:That's Fallon.
Rickles:Exactly my point.Let me say,I was a charter member of the "I Hate Fallon" fan club--I started it after his first show and I decided, I'd rather be fighting Japs again in WW II--- than watching Jimmy Fallon.I'd prefer to have Dean Martin breathe on me--rather than watch Jimmy Fallon.I'd rather watch "The Chevy Chase Show"--than watch Jimmy Fallon."
Rickles:"You've still got it Chevy.I'd rather listen to Jimmy Fallon in Spanish--simply because I don't speak Spanish and I can tune that out,like I do when Ricardo Montalban talks to me.
And now,so Dean can get back with the broads as soon as possible--I will end my bit by saying,Jimmy Fallon,please get off the air.Thank you."
Dean:"My sentiments exactly,good night everyone."

Anonymous said...

Jimmy the Greek would be proud. Speak you mind with the truth and you lose everything you have.

Anonymous said...

And what wold have happened if he had not been fired. The Algerians, the Haitians would have stopped watching hockey on TV?