Sunday, September 15, 2019

Read about Google's Racist Hoax of the Day, and ... the Rest of the Story


By R.C.
Sun, Sep 15, 2019 1:31 p.m.

Ynés Mexía, Mexican-American botanist

Mexía spent most of her childhood in Texas and received her secondary education in private schools in Philadelphia and Ontario, Canada.[3] She attended Saint Joseph's Academy in Emmitsburg, Maryland; after she finished there, she moved to Mexico City, where she lived at the family hacienda for 10 years and took care of her father, who died in 1896.[4][5] She planned to become a nun, but her father's will stipulated that if she did, she would be cut out of the inheritance she shared with a stepsister. She and her stepsister fought over the money with her father's mistress and a stepbrother.[1]

She is the Google person of the day - on their front page at

Google intentionally made her darker - there of course would be an outrage if it was reversed - making a dark minority with lighter skin

She in fact looks white - European heritage

Yet Google make her as a darker image and changed her eyes  - their way of trying to convince us that some brown folks are smart and have contributed to the advancement of the world. We of course can't help but observe the multitudes of violent latinos south of the border and now in the U.S.



Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Speaking of hoaxes, as if there haven't been enough, now an ex NFL player named Edawn Coughlin has been caught red handed staging a hate crime hoax:
As an ex NFL player the mainstream media can't completely ignore this one, the url is a link to a CNN story, it's appeared on a few other mainstream news outlets also. What kind of a name is Edawn anyways? Why am I imaging some mumbly mouthed language challenged negro parent trying to say something like LeShaun while a perplexed looking white person tries to put down the gibberish in writing?

Anonymous said...

Right,you need Barbara Billingsley to translate("Airplane").Hope she passed the secret to decoding "blackspeak" to a few people before her passing.
Btw,Edawn's twin brother Edusk reportedly said,"Sheeet,at least dey short names--easier to spell--not like Lamebrainious ."
Edawns and Edusks father,Eliterate,was unavailable for comment.

Anonymous said...

Castilian Spanish predominantly it appear with almost no American Indian admixture. Raised in relative luxury as a white American child. Hardly "Hispanic".