Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Homeowner Shoots and Kills 3 Masked Men in Possible "Stand Your Ground" Case

By R.C.
Sent: Tue, Sep 17, 2019 9:45 am


Anonymous said...

(FOX 17 NEWS)YPSILANTI, Mich– One person was killed Tuesday night after a shooting near the campus of Eastern Michigan University.

According to the EMU Police Department’s Twitter, the shooting was reported in the area of Ballard and Cross. People were asked to avoid the area at the time.

Officials say one person died and another was transported to the hospital in an unknown condition. So far, investigators haven’t said what led up to the shooting or if a suspect was arrested.

Ypsilanti Police also assisted on scene with the investigation.

Update. Incident all clear. No threat to campus. Individuals involved have been identified. One fatality at the scene-the other was transported to the hospital.

— EMU News (@emunews) September 18, 2019

Anonymous said...

My law persons wearing masks unless it is part of a gala event are up to no good. Criminal intent is defined by law. The man had multiple assailants and did not have time to play the ID expert.

Anonymous said...

Observations:Two obese black detectives on scene.If the homeowner is white,will he get a fair shake from the Fat Albert Detective Bureau?
Four am and three people get robbed outside?That doesn't sound like whitey to me--we hit the hay by 1 am normally and stay inside.More info needed on that point--could be blackie on blackie.