Sunday, May 19, 2019

Great Go-Togethers: "Shots fired" and "Martin Luther King Ave" = 9 Down and 1 Dead, so Far

By R.C.
Sun, May 19, 2019 7:01 p.m.

According to Atmore police, officers were dispatched around 2 a.m. to a call of shots fired at 100 Martin Luther King Ave, which is the location of the former Escambia County Middle School. That former school building is now a community center.

R.C.: Uh oh.


Community center.

Martin Luther King Avenue.


It's a prescription for a sub-Saharan cluster f**k.


Anonymous said...

Fake news--blacks don't graduate school...unless it's drug dealing school.

Anonymous said...

Correct. Any street name for Martin Luther KKKing in a negro area and dangerous to travel through. Gotta be one in every town too. Gotta be.

Nicholas said...

Anon II,

"Martin Luther KKKing" is great! I have to steal that from you.

Anonymous said...

I'd stutter too if I ever found myself on Martin Luther KKKing Ave.