Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Were Two Cold Case Murder-Rapes Hate Crimes? Coley McCraney, 45, Arrested for Allegedly Raping and Murdering Two Pretty White Girls in Alabama, in 1999; and No, He’s Not Irish!


J.B. Beasley and Tracie Hawlett: War crime victims?

By Jerry PDX
Monday, March 18, 2019 at 1:17:00 P.M. EDT

DNA has led to the arrest of a black man, 45-year-old Coley McCraney, in the cold case rape and murder of two 17-year-old white girls in 1999. Good thing Fox News supplied a clear picture of this guy, otherwise people would think he was Irish.

[N.S.: Actually, the story at Fox News is by two AP operatives, by Jay Reeves and Kim Chandler, who are already working for the defense.]

There is no mention of race in the article, and barely any of rape, but the girls were white.

Notice the article spends as much time on McCraney’s lawyer complaining about social media convicting his client and referencing the white Golden Gate Killer, as it does talking about McCraney and his alleged crimes.

Is this McCraney a potential serial killer? Why else bring up the Golden Gate Killer? That's rhetorical, we know why. It’s because it’s become standard practice to bring up white killers like this to deflect away from the extraordinarily high rate of black killers of white females.

I've noticed the Golden Gate Killer being brought up almost every time they uncover one of these negro monsters. I wonder if they’ll investigate him to find out if he's killed more. Or will he benefit from diversity consideration and be sent down the memory hole as quickly as possible?

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Anonymous said...

Well well, what a surprise. Coley is a coolie! His Mom just didn't know how to spell it. Below is how ikipedia explains the term.

During the 19th and early 20th centuries, coolie was usually a term implying an indentured labourer from South Asia, South East Asia or China.

However, coolie is now regarded as derogatory and/or a racial slur in the Caribbean, Africa, Oceania, North America, Southeast Asia and Europe – in reference to people from Asia.[a] This is particularly so in South Africa, East Africa, Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, Suriname, Jamaica, Mauritius, Fiji, and the Malay Peninsula.[5] In 2000, the parliament of South Africa enacted the Promotion of Prevention of Unfair Discrimination Act, which has among its primary objectives the prevention of hate speech terms such as coolie.

I'm a white guy

Anonymous said...

Another media ball drop.A white guy would be story number 2 or 3 on the "Lesta,Go Get Whitey Show",aired by NBC weekdays at 630pm EDT.Instead,you get a little negro chess player(the only one?lol),a "white criminal of the day" and other assorted garbage.Good catch,Jerry.

Over here in Grand Rapids,the media and local black groups have banded together to publicize two police "incidents"that are repeatedly being shown--with bias against the police--on news channels.Local channels like WOOD and WZZM have been whining--and joining in with blacks who whine--about police/black confrontations.Here's a summary of the latest:
(Grand Rapids-WOODTV) The Michigan Department of Civil Rights is taking action in response to recent incidents that have sparked criticism of Grand Rapids police.

The state agency will hold two hearings in Grand Rapids next week as it looks into several incidents involving Grand Rapids Police Department officers. The times of the hearings have not been confirmed yet, though officials said there will be one in the morning and another in the afternoon.

(GRA:WOOD follows Lester Holts incendiary
style and then some--by replaying these videos--until black groups decide to get involved.They took it to the Michigan Civil Rights Commission.)

Recently, two teen boys were held at gunpoint by an officer after being stopped for walking in the(middle of the) street. Then on Sunday, an officer struck a man in the leg repeatedly during an arrest. Late last year, a U.S. citizen was wrongfully detained by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement after a GRPD captain brought his case to the federal agency's attention. And as far back as 2017, GRPD faced scrutiny for handcuffing a screaming, sobbing 11-year-old black girl.
(Every one of these incidents was potentially dangerous.The black teens stopped for walking in the street would not cooperate and show their hands.A black drunk driver resisted cops.The black girl was in a crowd of blacks and lowlife,whites[who live with blacks])
"We know that these are not isolated incidents," the civil rights department spokesperson said. "That tends to point to something systemic."
(GRA:Yes,systemic-blacks are criminal and will fight cops to avoid arrest--VERY systemic)
For the most part, GRPD has defended the actions of its officers. On Monday, the interim chief said the officer who drew on the teens did so only after the teens escalated the situation.

An internal GRPD investigation also found that the captain who called ICE was right to do so, citing concerns of terrorism. That officer has been placed on leave, however, as the city looks into whether he was properly disciplined for the use of unprofessional language in an email to ICE.

Separately, the officers who cuffed the girl weren't disciplined because they didn't violate policy at the time — though the case led the department to create a new policy for interacting with youths.

In only one case, the one in which the driver was hit close to 30 times, was the officer in question placed on paid administrative leave amid an investigation into whether he used excessive force.

The head of the Michigan Department of Civil Rights, Agustin Arbulu, has concerns and thinks more information is needed.

“When you see the videos, there appears to be some issues there we can’t ignore," Arbulu told 24 Hour News 8.

He says a team will come to Grand Rapids to gather information.

The civil rights department says it's looking to the totality of the incidents and will file lawsuits if necessary.

The state's move comes at a time of transition for GPRD — the city is searching for its next police chief. The department is currently under the direction of an interim police chief.
GRA:It's a joke of an investigation--2 weeks before April Fools Day.An attempted crackdown on police by black groups,only erodes the crime fighting ability of law enforcement--just what blacks(and Mex) want.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

The defense will be that he could not have killed the two young women at the same time. It is not possible. That is the same defense as for the fourteen year old colored kid executed in Alabama decades ago now. The fourteen year old did not possess the physical wherewithal to kill two young girls at once. So we are told.

David In TN said...

It seems ( the two girls were driving after dark, "headed to a party on July 31, 1999, but got lost and ended up about 20 miles northwest in Ozark after they confused the directions, ABC Dothan affiliate WDHN reported."

You can't find a better example of our late friend Larry Auster's description of American society as "a factory for producing dead young white women."

The New York Times produced a hand-wringing piece ( emphasizing the Golden State killer's arrest:

"Questions around the legality of this new practice remain unresolved. In January, Charles Sydnor. a Maryland House delegate, introduced a bill that would prevent law enforcement from identifying suspects' DNA by using relatives in genealogy databases. The bill died within weeks, but it fueled discussion about whether the practice violates people's privacy. Others have raised concerns about the excessive weight placed on genetic evidence, when there are hundreds of reasons a match may not be an indicator of guilt."

The last sentence is liberal boilerplate complaining about DNA matches, especially in crimes with victims and suspects like those in this case.

Anonymous said...

I very much appreciate your label of War Crime Suspect. It is a war on Whites. I feel it every day. Unfortunately, my home town, has slowly been inundated with blacks over time. It's very depressing.