Sunday, February 10, 2019

Jussie Smollett was a Hoax Waiting to Happen

By Nicholas Stix

Steve Sailer just devoted yet another blog item to the Jussie Smollett hoax.

As elsewhere, some of Steve’s commenters believe that Smollett had a sexual encounter go wrong (or right?). While that hypothesis is possible, consider the following:

1. How Smollett manage to find the one place in Chicago’s overpriced, Streeterville neighborhood with no video camera for 60 seconds?;
2. What a concidence that a man who, less than two years ago, filmed a political slogan video (“F.U.W.”) showing an actor/model and a swinging noose (58-60 seconds in), and then shows up, with a noose around his neck!;
3. As Sailer commenter Lot noted, only days earlier, someone had sent a hate note, accompanied by white powder, to Empire’s Chicago set;
4. Smollett was days away from giving a concert, for which ticket sales were sluggish. As soon as he got publicity for his hoax, tickets sold out; and
5. His sandwich and cellphone both survived.

Black supremacists will say that “white supremacists” (i.e., anyone to the right of the John Doe calling himself “Barack Obama”) hang nooses on or near blacks to terrorize them all the time. I say, Not in this world. But blacks do, all the time.

Steve devoted a January 30th blog to said video, and posted a still of Smollett and the noose. I doubt he’s the only one to post said image, but Google Images’ thought police have scrubbed the image (look under Jussie Smollett noose).

That’s not on Smollett, but is indicative of how important it is on the Left to support black hate hoaxes.

At a Grio thing promoting the hoax, not one of the six comments the censors permitted through supported the hoax. Two believed Smollett had arranged for a sexual assignation (“booty call”), to meet at Subway’s, but that the prostitute and an accomplice had set him up to rob him for drug money, and that’s why Smollett refused to turn his cellphone over to the cops. Another commenter noted he did not originally claim the attackers had shouted “Maga country!,” but added that later.

The only question remaining for me is, Spontaneous or planned?

It’s not a momentous matter to me. The video shows that he already had a hoax pre-disposition. Thus, he was a hoax waiting to happen. Whether he planned it to juice ticket sales, or got beat up and decided, ‘This time is as good as any,’ isn’t terribly important, but the preponderance of evidence suggests to me that it was planned. Also, note that black hoaxers, whether premeditated or making them up as they go, can’t keep their lies straight. Few people can. It’s a crime, either way.

Jussie Smollett – “F.U.W.”


Published on Mar 15, 2017
Directed by Jussie Smollett
Creative Director: Frank Gatson
DP: Jody Williams
Producers: Jussie Smollett, April Qualls, and Deanna Morgan
Music and Lyrics by Jim Beanz and Jussie Smollett
Casting by Leah Bostic

By the way, an anonymous reader of mine who predicted that the MSM would use Super Bowl weekend as a timing marker to wind down their newest hoax, appears to have been vindicated.



Anonymous said...

As I reported here last year,Grand Rapids saw 3 separate hoaxes by blacks-that luckily for the white victims-were disproven in relatively short order.The problem is the hysteria that the media wallows in while blackie is shown to be a liar.Inflaming the blacks(and white liberals)before the facts come out--for ratings AND propaganda purposes.
The cases here in GR appeared to be simple white hatred.Smollett was,as N.S,noted,"show business"oriented"-in his lies--to promote his otherwise anonymous name for ticket sales.
If the pattern holds,like in Grand Rapids' examples,Smollett will not be charged with "making fake hate crime accusations".
Blacks,once again,get a pass.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Gay spat that got rough. Jussie looking for some rough trade as it called and he found it. Or he wanted drugs and would not pay or already owed for drug money. Etc.

Anonymous said...

Btw,Black assaulter(Portis) of white player,Nicola Mirotic,FINALLY gets traded by Bulls.
GRA:I wanted to paste a story on here,but no media outlet I read,even referred to the Mirotic/Portis fight as a reason for the trade.
The Bulls did the right thing--a year too late.Mirotic should still be with Chicago and Portis disposed of.But after Mirotic was severely injured from unexpected punches thrown by his then teammate,thug Bobby Portis,MIROTIC was the player dumped,while Portis stayed.
That entire Bulls front office should be cleaned out,for effing up the situation initially and then admitting they effed up,when they traded Portis last week--all because they wanted to protect the black assaulter Portis.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Why do I have the feeling that even if no perps are ever found and police are left with making apologetic noises to the left because they "couldn't solve this one", that this is still going to be tallied as a "hate crime" so at the end of the year when they start with the hysterical "hate crimes at all time high" cries, they'll have actual "statistics" to back themselves up with.
Well, it actually might be true, hate crimes probably will be up, but it's not white on black hate crimes, it's the other way around.

Nicholas said...


There is a black supremacist “sportswriter” who wrote a fiction story, in which Mirotic was the attacker. I only recently learned this, because one of his black supremacist twits posted it, as a “refutation” of my mention of the real attack.

Imagine that—almost getting murdered by a black sucker-punch bitch, and then, adding insult to injury, a black supremacist “sportswriter” invents a hoax, whereby you were the attacker!

If anything, the Bulls exec that signed Mirotic will be cashiered. There is no penalty for signing black supremacist players in the NBA, much less a member of the murderous Nation of Islam.

Look at the Celtics. Black Cavs’ player Jae Crowder maimed Gordon Hayward in October, 2017. Now, sports “stories” tell us that Hayward is killing the Celtics, but the same stories refuse to say who “killed” Hayward’s career, and how. They just act as if he were unable to overcome an injury.

You might as well say that Kyle Yorlets died as a result of undisclosed “injuries.”

There will be no repercussions, until substantial numbers of whites turn off the NBA.

J. Baker said...

If what I've read is indeed true, Jussie Smollet's character on "Empire" was being written off of the show.
What better way to boost ratings, and hopefully prevent Smollett's character from getting the axe, than to concoct an imaginary racist and homophobic attack.

It's absolutely absurd to think that 2 MAGA hat wearing, Trump supporting, white men were running around an upscale neighborhood in Chicago at two in the morning, carrying a noose and a bottle of what was first identified as bleach, on one of the coldest, most miserable nights to hit Chicago in decades.

I'm old enough to remember the Tawana Brawley hoax back in 1987.
Ms Brawley, who had been missing from her home for 4 days, "...was found seemingly unconscious and unresponsive, lying in a garbage bag several feet from an apartment where she had once lived. Her clothing was torn and burned, her body smeared with feces. She was taken to the emergency room, where the words "KKK", "nigger", and "bitch" were discovered written on her torso with charcoal."

Ms. Brawley maintained that it was 4 white NYC policemen who had abducted and raped her, and who had written the vile, racist words that appeared on her body.
To make a long story short, Ms. Brawley was with her boyfriend for the 4 days that she was missing, and knowing that her parents would be angry at her, Brawley concocted this story of abduction, rape and racism.

Sadly, tragically, and CRIMINALLY in my opinion, one of the falsely accused and very INNOCENT policemen, committed suicide.
Another policeman sued Brawley, her family, a couple of Brawleys attorneys, and the "Reverend" Al Sharpton. This policeman WON a $345,000 judgement against Brawley and her handlers for defamation.

Racism works both ways, contrary to Leftist/Progressive opinion, and before playing the racism card, and jumping on the "lets lynch whitey " bandwagon, it might do us all well to remember that not everything we hear, read, or see on the TV is true.