Saturday, January 05, 2019

William F. Buckley Jr. and Bill Kristol

By Nicholas Stix

William F. Buckley Jr. went, in a few years, from being a leading anti-Communist to an anti-anti-Communist. He actually bragged of “conspiring” to destroy the great Robert Welch, the founder of the John Birch Society, and one of Buckley’s financial benefactors. Buckley also claimed, dishonestly, that somehow destroying Welch made Reagan possible.

Bill Kristol may well be WFB Jr.’s truest successor.

The anti-anti-Communists were more influential in bringing about the victory of Communism in America than the Communists themselves.

In 2016, Kristol did everything humanly possible, including conspiratorial meetings in fancy restaurants, in order to elect communist Hillary Clinton president.

Full disclosure: Bill Kristol paid me 1.4 pay checks, for one article he published, and one that he, in an act of cowardice, killed.

The second article was on collegiate remedial education. I didn’t even mention I.Q. in the manuscript, because I’d been deceived by communist liars Stephen Jay Gould (The Mismeasure of Man) and Leon Kamin (Intelligence: The Battle for the Mind) into believing that there was no such thing as I.Q.

One of his deputies told me, “I don’t think Bill liked the tone.”

If an article on remedial ed that completely avoided I.Q. had an unacceptable “tone,” no honest article on the subject would have been acceptable to Kristol.

The deputy forgot to mention my kill fee, but I reminded her that Kristol had commissioned the article for $500, and she dutifully sent a check for $200.

(That was one of the rare times, in those days, where an editor had commissioned me to write an article. Typically, I had to write everything “on spec,” speculation, i.e., the editor was under no obligation to run my work, and typically rejected it.

Since kill fees are traditionally for one third of the agreed-upon commission, Kristol’s deputy ultimately paid me more that she had to.)

However, as far as Bill Kristol knew, he never supported me, but rather a writer named “Robert Berman,” my most successful nom de plume.

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