Thursday, November 08, 2018

Raceless, Faceless Gunman Slaughters 12 at College Event in Thousand Oaks Bar

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Thursday, November 8, 2018 at 5:43:00 A.M. EST

Woke up early today,turned on FOX and saw a bulletin,concerning a large scale shooting at a bar in Thousand Oaks,California. Reports of 11 shot and multiple fatalities,including the gunman.

There was a crowd of 200 at about 11 p.m. PST,when the perp, using smoke bombs and a gun, walked in and opened fire. One officer, responding to the call, was shot.

Gunman opens fire during college event at California bar
By Joe Kemp
November 8, 2018 | 3:32am | Updated
New York Post

A gunman opened fire inside a California bar during an event for hundreds of college students, killing 12 people — including a sheriff’s sergeant — before he was found dead, officials said.

The victims were shot after witnesses said the suspect tossed smoke grenades and began squeezing off shots at the Borderline Bar & Grill in Thousand Oaks — about 40 miles west of Los Angeles — around 11:20 p.m. Wednesday.

A spokesperson for the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office later confirmed the fatalities. The gunman, who witnesses said was dressed in black and appeared to be wearing some sort of ski mask, was also dead.

Officials said hundreds of people, most of whom college students, were inside the establishment at the time of the shooting, according to KABC.

One witness saw the suspect tossing smoke bombs in front of the restaurant before watching a security guard get shot.

“I was at the front door and I was talking to my stepdad. I just started hearing these big pops,” the witness, John Hedge, told the local ABC affiliate. “I hit the ground. I look up — the security guard is dead. Well, I don’t want to say he was dead, but he was shot. He was down.”

Hedge said he managed to run out the front door as the shooter made his way to the back of the restaurant firing dozens of shots.


Anonymous said...

This is a military style assault. Will be interesting in a bad way to find out what this is all about.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Ian David Long is the name of the shooter, he is a white guy and a former marine:

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Has Trump drunk the kool aid? This was in the WH press transcript of his exchange with Costa:

THE PRESIDENT: I want them — I want them to come into the country, but they have to come in legally. You know, they have to come in, Jim, through a process. I want it to be a process.

And I want people to come in. And we need the people.

We need the people? What people? More Africans? More Muslims? Legally or not, I don't want any more of "those" people and I hope President Trump isn't going to allow millions more of them to slip into the country while the attention is focused on the caravan.

David In TN said...

The murder of actor Kelsey Grammer's sister, Karen, in 1975 is a subject for Geraldo Rivera's new show, Geraldo Rivera's Murder in the Family, on the REELZ Channel. The episode airs Saturday Night November 10, at 9 pm ET.

Vdare had a reader's letter ( in 2015 on this kidnap-murder by raceless "Spree Killers."

Karen Grammer's murder had some similarity to the Knoxville Horror.

Anonymous said...

Lesta's bustin' a move out to California to report on the white guy personally.Really?A black killed a few whites out in Phoenix mid summer and his black azz never left the NBC studio.Wonder why.