Thursday, November 08, 2018

Geraldo Rivera is Devoting an Episode of His True Crime Show to the 1975 Racist, Knoxville Horror-Style, Murder-Rape of Kelsey Grammer's Sister, Karen


War crime victim Karen Grammer

By David in TN
Thursday, November 8, 2018 at 3:04:00 P.M. EST

The murder of actor Kelsey Grammer's sister, Karen, in 1975 is a subject for Geraldo Rivera's new show, Murder in the Family, on the REELZ Channel. The episode airs Saturday Night November 10, at 9 p.m. ET.

Vdare had a reader's letter in 2015 on this kidnap-murder by raceless “Spree Killers.”

Karen Grammer's murder had some similarity to the Knoxville Horror.

N.S.: Note that while The Pretend Encyclopedia has no entry for Karen Grammer, it has one for one of her rapist-killers, Freddie Glenn. However, as someone notes on the Talk Page, it is full of holes.


War criminals Michael Corbett (above) and Freddie Lee Glenn (below)


Anonymous said...

Too bad these bad guys were not executed a long time. They MUST never be released.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Geraldo is only doing it because Kelsey Grammar is a celeb, usually he likes to play stereotype whitey as the criminal game.

David In TN said...

Sometimes, as above, you put in the URL for a Vdare piece and it doesn't come up. Google "Vdare, Kelsey Grammer" and you can find it.

Nicholas has said the mistake continually made in these cases is taking each one in isolation rather than observing the pattern. As I wrote above, the kidnap-rape-murder of Karen Grammer in 1975 was similar to the 2007 Knoxville Horror.

I checked the Colorado Inmate Locator and both Crockett and Glenn are still in prison, but come up for parole every few years on their "Life" sentences.

This episode will be repeated several times in the upcoming week on the REELZ Channel.

David In TN said...

I saw the episode. Kelsey Grammer's fayher, Frank Grammer, insisted on living in the Virgin Islands. In 1968 he was shot dead by a black taxi driver, well known as an anti-white bigot.

Frank Grammer's killer was found Not Guilty by "reason of insanity." This is the first account I've seen anywhere of the murder of Kelsey Grammer's father.

Karen Grammer, after being kidnapped, was taken to the apartment of one of the killers. Three black males took turns raping her ( over four hours. Then she was driven somewhere and Freddy stabbed Karen Grammer multiple times and left her for dead. She made it to a doorstep, but died.

The killers may well have been copying the NOI/Zebra Murders. They killed a total of five white people in Colorado Springs, Colorado within a few months of 1975. And considered themselves warriors with a mission to kill white people.

The episode acknowledges this fact.

By the way, Geraldo Rivera did TWO episodes of his then-Fox News Channel show on the Knoxville Horror in 2007. Geraldo didn't continue coverage but did give it two shows pre-trial.

This episode will be repeated numerous time the next week on the REELZ Channel. Readers of this site should see it.