Thursday, November 08, 2018

Can Do, No Can Do: What Can America Do in the Current Year?

By Nicholas Stix

DOUGLAS Dreg of Society‏ @1AEDWM
Replying to @Thomas1774Paine
In 2018 we still have no way of stopping voter fraud and altering of election results, yet we can put people on the moon and transplant hearts.
5:55 PM - 8 Nov 2018

N.S.: We could and did put men on the moon, but no longer know how. At the rate we're going with affirmative action, soon we'll no longer be able to transplant hearts either, because the most brilliant minds are being deliberately kept out of medical schools. But voter fraud is a go.

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Anonymous said...

This Florida election and the same in Arizona are beginning to assume the proportions of the year 2000 election all over again. As usual something very wrong and everyone knows it is so but corrections never made.