Thursday, November 08, 2018

All “Progressives” Believe in White Supremacy

Via An Old Friend

A commenter at this article: (a year old)

Here's the comment:

I have been saying for years that taking the progressives at their word: everything wrong with the world is caused by straight, white males indicates that 3% of the world can oppress the other 97% even if the other 97% know it and the best that 97% can do is ask the straight, white males to stop.

If that isn't an argument for white supremacy I don't know what it. [sic; must mean "is" – AOF]

I don't buy it but the progressives do.

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Anonymous said...

The progressives ARE for white supremacy. The progressives [99 % white] tell the negro what to do and expect the negro to do as told. Progressives know what is best for everybody. Just do as they say.