Tuesday, July 03, 2018

The Mystery of Periodicals with Virtually Lily-White Readerships Supporting Racist, Black Cut-Throats


Is Lester Holt the most racist network news reader in America?

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Tuesday, July 3, 2018 at 5:44:00 P.M. EDT

Jerry PDX, the strange thing about newspapers and periodicals like Time and Newsweek supporting black behavior, is that, I'd estimate, not even 1% of the blacks nationwide purchase newspaper or magazine subscriptions. You'd think that these rags would have no interest in taking the black thug's side, based on who butters their bread--WHITES!

My local paper will eventually go belly up, because of white flight. The whites liked a daily newspaper delivered on their doorstep. They're gone. Blacks, more than likely, can't read the paper,first of all, and don't have the funds for it, second of all(since the GR Press doesn't take EBT cards--welfare/food stamps--as payment).

No loss IMHO, the local "press" is as liberal as Rep. Ocasio Cortez.


Anonymous said...

We should all stop using the word "liberal" to describe statists. Originally liberals--over a hundred years ago--were people who believed in freedom. The word is derived from the Latin liber, free. Today's leftists who like to go by the label "liberal" are not for freedom at all. They are for the power of government to force you to associate with people you don't want to be around, for involuntary servitude--making you do things for people you have no desire to do, for restrictions on property, firearms, and even speech. These statists want to take away your individual liberty is every way imaginable and replace it with state power to force you to do what they believe. It is significant that the KGB's code name for traitor and Communist spy Julius Rosenberg was "Liberal." And despite overwhelming evidence, many going by the term "liberal" still deny Rosenberg's guilt--they refuse to condemn Rosenberg because they are fellow leftists.

Anonymous said...

BFP (Black Female Protester) removed from Statue of Liberty.
MSNBC gave full coverage,around 646pm,to a BFP at the base of the Statue.She was part of a group called,"Rise and Resist",protesting ICE.
With all this hot weather,why would anyone protest ICE?But seriously,massive fines are needed here,leveed not only on the protester,but her protest group.A large police and emergency presence was needed,costing tens of thousands of dollars to rescue this woman.A dangerous stunt by a stupid liberal (black in this case).

--GR Anonymous